Tactics for Blood Angels

The recent release of Start Collecting! Blood Angels got us thinking about how to use these valiant Space Marines in our games. Who better than our resident tactics guru and Blood Angel fan-boy John to lead us through how he?d deploy them? John – In my opinion, the best of the lot is the Librarian. […]

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How to Paint: Sylvaneth

A quick one today – we have three videos explaining step-by-step how to achieve great results when painting the new sylvaneth miniatures. There’s a splendid blending technique in there that I’m sure you’ll all find very useful. Author: Davydd Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way […]

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Battletomes are evolving

Battletomes – books that give you the background and rules you need when collecting a Warhammer Age of Sigmar army – are evolving. We’re making them even more exciting, adding new features and making them even more essential purchases for the enthusiasts of the mortal realms! In Battletome: Sylvaneth, you’ll find a ton of new […]

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White Dwarf 127

The Wyldwoods are unleashed as the Sylvaneth return! White Dwarf have got a first look at all the stunning new miniatures (look at that mighty Alarielle and Wardroth Beetle on the cover!) and the new battletome (the first of a great new style), plus warscrolls, Paint Splatter and more. All that and there’s still space […]

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