Another Dream Army

Sam Stringer was another of the winners of our recent competition to win the army of your dreams, well done Sam. Sam describes the army of his dreams beautifully below, read on and be inspired…

If I had the chance to build the army of my dreams, I would build the garrison of the Duskwatch Bastion. Situated where the Gloaming Sea?s shores give way to the rolling sands of Hysh?s hinterlands, the Bastion guards the city of Duskwatch from servants of the Dark Gods who have hoped to establish a foothold on the coast. The proud aelven defenders of the Bastion are aided by the freeguild soldiers of Duskwatch, repelling any Chaos worshippers before they can defile the lands beyond.

The Duskwatch garrison?s first line of defence is the Sandtalon Brotherhood, warrior bands of Swifthawk agents who appear from the sands one moment to unleash a volley of deadly arrows, before melting away, leaving no trace beyond the bodies of the interlopers. The most visible defenders of Duskwatch are the Twilit Pride, Lion Rangers that stand beside their human brothers-in-arms, matching the freeguild soldiers? zeal with their own graceful mastery of war. The freeguild soldiers also whisper of the Sunwing Knights ? legendary Dragon Blades who appear from the desert in times of need, only to disappear at the moment of victory. Some say their leader is a Dragonlord who failed to repel the forces of Chaos centuries ago, and has exiled himself to the sands until such a time as the Dark Gods have been vanquished, or death claims him. If the aelves of the Duskwatch Bastion know the truth, they have remained silent about it.

The army will be based with a desert theme, with occasional rocky outcroppings on bases. My goal with the sand will be to paint it in such a way as to suggest something magical about the desert sand, possibly by adding a glaze to the process, as this will fit with the realm of Hysh. I also plan to use base the White Lions left over from the Swifthawk chariots to create a unit, treating them as Gryph-Hounds.

The Duskwatch garrison?s primary colours are a rich, deep purple, and a vibrant, fiery orange, evoking the colours of the sun setting against the Gloaming Sea. To tie these starkly opposed colours together, sections of cloth on the models will be painted in an off-white colour such as Screaming Skull, which will also tie in to the desert theme. In the case of the orange armour, I intend to finish off by applying a layer or ?Ardcoat to make the armour appear reflective and glossy. I?m also hoping to experiment with Lahmian Medium to create other glazes to apply to the models in the army.

My hope is to use this army to compete against a friend of mine who has recently built a Chaos warband containing warriors from the Brayherd, Warherd, and Thunderscorn factions. As he played Empire and High Elves in the World-That-Was, I think it is only fitting that the Free Peoples and Aelves be united to oppose his treachery in these dark times.

We?ll share the third and final winners army with you next week, in the meantime we hope this has inspired you as much as it did us.

Author: Sam & Jamie

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