Battle-Forged or Unbound?

Hi all, John Bracken here and today I?m musing about the benefits that come with choosing either the Battle-Forged or the Unbound methods of putting an army together to play a game of Warhammer 40,000. Both have many advantages so it can be a tough choice. Here’s my take on them.


A major asset the Unbound method affords you is flexibility. If you have just bought a brand new unit and want to give it a whirl, then you can. If you haven?t quite got what you need to use a formation, or a detachment, you don?t have to worry ? you can put the models on the table anyway and get shooting straight away.

I find it?s also very useful if you are starting out in the hobby, or know someone else who is. The Unbound method means you can buy any models you like without any fear of not being able to use them. Cracking stuff.

The second is the ability to create almost anything you like ? unlikely alliances, chance encounters, and hellish pacts are examples of what might be seen in an Unbound army. The history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe is littered with allies of convenience teaming up for the short term and the Unbound method is a fantastic way to explore that further.

Battle Forged

I think there are two main benefits to Battle Forged armies. The first is they allow you to arrange your units into armies that look, act and typically ?feel? like armies do in the novels and books. Space Marine Battle Companies, Grey Knight Brotherhoods and Tau Hunter Cadres are good examples of this. If you have ever wondered how Raven Guard, Nurgle Daemons or Necrons go to war, then look no further than the Formations available to any Battle Forged army for the answer.

The second advantage is that Battle Forged armies have powerful rules available to them, due either to the Detachment or Formation they are part of. Even the basic Combined Arms Detachment offers the ?Objective Secured? special rule to your troops, allowing them to take objective markers despite the presence of enemy units. These rules can significantly boost the power of your units and are definitely worth the effort of putting them together.

So as you can see both options are equally valid ? your best bet is decide what you want to do, then pick the method that suits what you want to do best.

Good luck!

Author: John

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