Death in the Mists

This scenario really piqued my interest with its unique setup. Having Eldrad start in the middle of the board with Deathwatch Space Marines appearing out of nowhere all around him posed an interesting challenge. As it turned out the Eldar were clearly more used to fighting in such mysterious circumstances and wiped out the Deathwatch to a model before their second turn had begun…

Despite the Eldar?s first shooting phase not going amazingly (only one model removed and 2 wounds inflicted ? albeit with one on Artemis), the benefit of the different deployment meant that the Harlequins were able to get into close combat far sooner than they otherwise might. Despite the 2 Harlequin troupes being split up into groups of 3, the Harlequins are demons when it comes to close combat and so were able to cause some damage to the marines. Only 2 groups of 3 managed to get into combat (the others falling victim to their eagerness to shoot instead of running and then charging), with one going against the 5 marines of Vanguard Veteran Squad Galatael and the other trying their luck against Watch Captain Artemis and Squad Krull. The lightning speed of the tricksy Eldar meant that 2 of Squad Galatael fell before they even knew they were beset. Vengeance was swift though as the hated xenos were mercilessly crushed by huge heavy thunder hammers. Watch Captain Artemis was fortunate to weather a storm of attacks, only surviving with his last wound when a veteran of Squad Crull pushed him out of the way only to be liquefied inside his armour by the dreaded Harlequin?s Kiss.

Artemis, however, had seen this dance before and prematurely ended it for one of the players to avenge his erstwhile saviour.

In the Deathwatch?s first turn, only 2 units were unengaged and so positioned themselves to try and seize the day. The earth shook as Venerable Dreadnought Nihilus ventured forward, bringing his ancient and thrice blessed plasma cannon to bear. Sadly it seems 3 blessings were not enough as it promptly overheated and stripped away one of his hull points. Raging at the ineptitude of his tech-adepts he made to vent his fury upon The Lambent Prince and 2 of his company. Though despite their being unable to find a way though his mighty hide he was unable to land a single blow upon his slippery foe.

Squad Galatael could see the head of the snake and moved to cut it off with their dirty great hammers as they landed next to Eldrad and his bodyguard.

Despite missing with his plasma pistol (clearly put off by the nefarious technologies of the Eldar) he bullishly led his depleted squad into the enemy bellowing out a challenge to the alien psyker. Unperturbed Eldrad stepped forward and contemptuously swatted aside the noisy mon-keigh with the ancient Staff of Ulthamar whilst his companions made short work of the other 2 that brandished weapons still stained with the blood of his kin.

Whilst this was going on Artemis was still engaged with the 2 remaining players known as Death?s Companions, and in this title they proved prophetic as the Watch Captain was felled along with 2 more of Squad Crull.

By this point, at the beginning of the 2nd Eldar turn, there only remained 2 members of Squad Crull and Venerable Dreadnought Nihilus. With the members of Death?s Companions having hit Squad Crull and run away, all that was left was for The Blades of Fate and The Serpent?s Breath to open fire and clear the battlefield on the final traces of Imperial forces.

Author: Steve

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