Do you want to Win a Titan?

Yes, really. Do you want to win a Titan? How about winning one of FOUR Titans? That’s right, we’ve got four colossal god-machines to give away; two Warhound Titans, a Reaver Titan, and… take a breath… WE’RE GIVING AWAY A WARLORD TITAN!

What do you have to do to win one of these glorious, towering war machines? Place an order of £100 or more and then email us with your order number and answers to the following:

1.    Choose a name for your Titan.

2.    In 400 words or less, tell us how your Titan earned its glorious or infamous name.

Send your answers to and make sure you include your order number as the subject line.

You’ve got until 31st March to place your orders; and every order you make of £100 or more earns you another entry to the competition. Email your entries to us by Sunday 3rd April, and then the Forge World Panel of Judgment* will commence their deliberations. You’ll find all of the details along with terms and conditions at

Each Titan comes with the weapons of your choice; and if you win one of the Warhounds or the Reaver Titan you can even choose to have an Imperial or Chaos Titan.

Place your order now, and you could WIN A TITAN!


* The Forge World Panel of Judgment’s decisions are final, in all things, including this competition.

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