From Iron Cometh Strength

The Lord of Iron himself, Perturabo – Primarch of the Iron Warriors, trusts his own creations over even his most favoured officers. Now you can put his elite automata into battle, the Iron Circle are ready for action!

Iron Circle can join your army as a single battle-automata, or as a unit of six. They can even be the personal bodyguard of Perturabo, now that’s a unit that’ll be smashing through walls without breaking stride! Weve release the Iron Warriors etched brass today too, perfect for adding detail to your Legion. The brass sheet even includes stencils for painting chevrons on your war machines.

If that not enough, tickets for the Forge World Open Day are available today! Taking place at Warhammer World on Sunday 17th July, the Forge World Open Day has long been one of our fastest selling events, so don’t miss out. Tickets cost £12.50 and include entry to the Warhammer World exhibition halls, as well as acess to the event where you’ll be meeting the designers, writers and Artists from the Forge World Studio, along with special guest appearances from the writers and designers working on Bloodbowl and our Middle Earth range.

Tickets will sell fast, get yours now!

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