Gary’s Shar’tor the Executioner

Today the Forge World Bulletin comes from Gary. Master of Forge World customer services, Gary owns a fine Chaos horde whose destructive exploits are fabled. He?s recently added Shar?tor the Executioner to his collection, here?s how he painted him:

I?m loving the design direction that you can see in Shar?Tor.  He?s covered in iconography that is clearly chaos influenced but has a style all of it?s own. To me it get?s across the feeling that Shar?Tor is part of the same lineage as the Legion of Azgorth miniatures but is clearly a Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniature born in the mortal realms.

He?s my first Legion of Azgorth model and I wanted to paint him to match my Khornate collection but to have a style of his own. I kept to my usual palette of black, red and gold but painted it using some different colours and methods than normal.

For the red parts of the model, I wanted to get across the idea that these had a hard, lacquered finish. To achieve this I used Waywatcher red as a glaze over my basecoat and highlights. I was quite happy with the finish on this and all it took was a couple of smooth layers to get the effect I had imagined.

In the short term, Shar?Tor is going to join Khazek?s warband of Blood Lodges but I envisage him leading his own Legion of Azgorth soon enough.

Posted by Gary

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