Have you won a Titan?

The time of truth is here. The Forge World Panel of Judgment have finished their deliberations and made their final decisions. We’ll be revealing the winners over the next four days, right here in this bulletin.

Today we disclose the winner of the first of two Warhound Titans. Our first winner is Ross D of Windsor, UK. Well done Ross, your story has earned you a Warhound Titan!

Ross wrote of the fall and rise of the Warhound Titan Hate Nail. Read his winning story below:

Roaming the desolate tech wastes of the decimated Forgeworld from which it was raised, the Warhound titan known as Hate Nail carries with it a trail of bloodshed and woe stretching back through the ages.

Constructed in late M35. on the demi-Forgeworld of Ceciditas as tithe to their greater masters on further, more dominant Forgeworlds, the Warhound Titan originally named Priusex Plures was crafted by the tech-priests of Ceciditas attempted to prove their skill at production in order to elevate the status of their Forgeworld and thus to be elevated amongst the ranks of their brothers afar, the first war machine of such size to be created on their world.

The initial success of their creation was not to last however, for even as tech-priests revelled in the glory of their creation the ever pressing presence of chaos drew its eye upon their world, seeping through the veil, drawn by the pride that riled, unchecked through their hearts & minds.

As the effort of the worlds’ labour began to bear fruit, a terrible affliction engulfed the world, spreading a demonic data plague that boiled the machine spirits of those engines that had once been loyal servants to the Omnissiah. Now loyal creations turned upon their masters and slaughtered them without mercy, the blood of tech-priests flowed freely through the halls of their hallowed factories. In their desperation the tech priests unleashed their newly completed war machine, but in their haste they failed to observe the proper rights of benediction before sending the Titan to lead their remaining legions to war and salvation. Without the true benediction from the Omnissiah, the machine-spirit of the titan was open to the corrupting forces of chaos and the inhabiting tech-priests watched helplessly as their favoured creation turned against them, massacring the population and tearing down the forges of its birth. The last harrowing message that left the world proclaimed that the titan fed the daemons at its core on the corpses of those it killed and devoured.

Now the workshop cities of Ceciditas are now little more than desolate wastelands of blood red sands, the ruins of a once mighty world haunted by Cybernetic-daemons that feast upon the scavenging traders or lost travellers unwary enough to explore the factory deserts of the world, led by the mightiest predator in their midst’s, the daemon titan now proclaiming itself only as Hate Nail.


Congratulations again to Ross. Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out who’s won the next Titan!

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