Looking for Cypher? A New Model may be Coming

Looking for Cypher? A New Model may be Coming

Some interesting and logical thoughts about the sudden (maybe not quite so sudden) unavailability of the model for Cypher.

Please note that this is not really a rumor. It’s looking at recent developments and wondering if this is going to happen.

via a very astute reader on Faeit 212

I called my FLGS looking to get Cypher for a buddy of mine for Christmas as he’s a big Dark Angels fan.  FLGS gets told that not only is the model behind the dreaded «Direct Wall», but that they are no longer going to send them to stores that order them because according to the GW rep, «This model is very low on stock and they are planning to either discontinue or replace it.».  I HIGHLY doubt they’re gonna just get rid of the Cypher model completely.

Couple that with the fact that GW has the Black Crusade being rebooted and that the ENTIRE Dark Angels Chapter and their successors deploy to Cadia via the old fluff and their codex (hence suspicion of Legion building and the Inquisition eyeballing them), this would logically be a good time to go from old metal Cypher to a new, improved, updated plastic Cypher.

Like I said, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to me, but it seems like a pretty good possibility, especially after Kharn’s recent treatment.  Fingers crossed, right?

Anyway, enough conspiracy theories out of me.  

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