Muster Tredecimmia: See the Diorama Now

Now on display in the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre, the Muster Tredecimmia display board was created by the Forge World Studio and has also been through the hands of the Warhammer World Studio.

These photos show some of the vignettes on the diorama, but the level of detail means there are many more moments you’ll spot in person – plus the size and scale of the Sokar Pattern Stormbird needs to be seen for itself!

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As part of installing Muster Tredecimmia, Exhibition Area 2 has undergone a change around. You’ll now experience the dramatic Betrayal diorama from a new angle of approach, and see the miniatures from the Horus Heresy Character Series displayed in a new way. We’ve also added four cabinets to spotlight larger miniatures, singling out flyers and knights for a closer look.




click for details buttonThis is the fourth new diorama to go on display in Warhammer World since June, so if you haven’t visited us for a while, there’s a lot more to see in the Exhibition Centre!

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