Preparing an army for a gaming event

Hello all, John here from the Events Team. Today?s topic is how to prepare your army for any gaming event, whether it?s a tournament or a Campaign. It?s a basic step by step guide to help you out if you are planning to attend these events and want your games to be as engaging and as satisfying as possible. The aim is to get an army that is as effective in the game as possible so read on if that?s your thing…

Step 1: Check the event details.

Many people forget that some events have specific rules you need to follow that you might not use at home. This can range from unit selection to house rules. Getting a good understanding of what can be expected at the event is very important.

Step 2: Write an army list and get that army.

The next step is just to write up an army list and get that army ready for play. It doesn?t matter if you go online and get advice, or if you ?home-brew? your list. There is no right or wrong way.

Step 3: Play as many games as you can.

What matters here is playing loads of games, as this will teach you about your army. What?s important is not to worry about winning or losing. Your objective is to improve ? to learn about your army and which decisions really help you maximise your chances of winning.

Step 4: Analyze your results.

Now that you have some data about your army, you can begin tailoring your army to get better results. If you are getting smashed by tanks every game, then think about adding some Melta-Guns, or Haywire weaponry. If armies with lots of troops are causing you problems, then maybe you need to bulk up on troops or flamers to hold them back. It?s usually very obvious what?s not going well, but what?s important is to seek out ways of dealing with those problems. Your local store or club can help, or there are many places online where this information can be found. Remember, if you aren?t sure, ask! As you progress, you should be able to see how your army performs in the scenarios the event will be using. Then you can make informed decisions about what tweaks you can make to your army to improve your chance of clinching that win.

Step 5: Practice, Practice, Practice.

Yes, that?s right, play more! Then simply repeat Step 4 and Step 5, to continually hone your army.

Step 6: Don?t blame the Dice. 

Ultimately you wrote the army list, you deployed it and you decided what it would shoot and fight, so you need to break any habits of blaming poor luck. Some things you can control, some things you can?t. Concentrate on ?you? and take steps to predict and mitigate bad luck.

Now get that pen and start writing!

Author: John

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