Seminars and Activities Announced!

It’s not long now until Warhammer Fest. Do you have your ticket?

There’ll be plenty going on over the weekend, including in-depth seminars and fun activities.


If you’re a fan Black Library’s books, a range of their authors will be joining us for the weekend at Warhammer Fest. You can have a casual chat, get your books signed, and they’ll also be taking part in seminars, looking in greater depth at the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Come along and you can meet; Chris Wraight; Laurie Goulding; David Guymer; Gav Thorpe; John French; James Swallow; and Neil Roberts.

The seminar sessions are always popular, a chance to hear directly from the minds behind your favourite fantasy creations, ask questions, and perhaps get a sneaky look at what’s coming up…

We can’t reveal all of the seminars yet (it would give too much away) but Warhammer Fest 2016 will include Forge World’s exciting look ahead at what’s to come, and a Black Library Horus Heresy seminar.

When you arrive at Warhammer Fest, you can sign up for free for the seminars of your choice. Each seminar will be run twice each day – so although spaces are limited, each seminar will happen four times over the whole weekend.


Activity Zone

The Activity Zone found on the ground floor will have a plethora of activites to entertain oyu in any spare moments you may have on the day.

Bring and Battle: There you will find an area to bring your armies and play games. (Please note that we only have a limited number of tables so be sensible with the armies you bring!)

Board Game Area: Here we will have a selection of the latest GW board games for you to participate in.

Scrap Demon Challenge: A chance to indulge your creative side as we provide you with a theme, models, clippers and glue and you must create the most inventive diorama you can! Once it’s done we will take a photo of it for our Facebook page and then you can take it home.

Don’t miss out, get your tickets for Warhammer Fest now!

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