The army of Jack Ingram’s dreams

Jack Ingram was one of the winners of our recent competition to win the army of your dreams, congratulations again Jack. Over the next few weeks we will share all 3 winners entries as they are very cool. Take it away Jack?

My dream army is a large and diverse Crimson Fist army. My dream began while I was reading the War for Rynn’s World story collection. I was really taken with the incredible determination, the steadfast courage, and the commitment to duty which the Crimson Fists portrayed. Throughout the novels, they are forced to make difficult decisions and brutal sacrifices in the name of duty. They overcome their aggressive nature and desire for glorious death for the good of their chapter, Rynn’s World, and in the protection of the innocents. While building and painting my models I often find my mind wandering to these stories, and how the Crimson Fists reflect my image of what a Space Marine should be. I also received much of my inspiration from the recently released Index Astartes Apocrypha. The stories, descriptions, and diagrams in it have really kindled my interest in armoured warfare, and I envision my Crimson Fist army being supported by a vast range of fascinating vehicles which a Space Marine collection offers.

The army is centred around the Crimson Fists? entire first company, which consists of 128 veterans. The company is uniquely led by their stoic chapter master Pedro Kantor. The 1st company would consist of a relatively equal amount of sternguard veterans, vanguard veterans, and terminators, with a small honour guard. The army would be structured to fit into a  Gladius Strike Force, consisting of two 1st Company Task Forces, a Strike Force Ultra, and a Strike Force Command. The rest of the army would be made up of small to medium sized formations of a Battle Demi-Company, Librarius Conclave, Armoured Taskforce, Stormwing, 10th Company Task Force, and a Land Raider Spearhead.

My army composition would make use of the Space Marines large selection of incredible models, making it awesomely diverse for both gameplay and display. With so many vehicles, there are plenty of opportunities to display various battle damages. The Crimson Fist’s storyline gives me great ideas for adding Ork victims and trophies to the models. I would use various forms of urban debris on the bases of the models, as my vision was founded by their fighting in New Rynn City.

The army is constructed with the tabletop game in mind as well, with the army receiving many benefits for being part of a Gladius Strike Force. The large number of sternguard veterans paired with Pedro Kantor’s Hold the Line special rule and the few additional tactical marines and scouts, gives this army a strong ability to contest objectives. The variety of armoured vehicles with heavy fire power allows the army to face heavily armoured foes, monstrous creatures, and even Titan units with ease.

If I was to win the army of my dreams I would use it for providing an abundance of content for a hobby blog which I am planning. The army would see much action in Warhammer 40k games, and would be on permanent display on my game board.

Author: Jamie & Jack

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