The creation of a Cult

So, you think you?ve got Genestealers? This insidious little bunch have a tendency to roll up on a planet unannounced, and are pretty difficult to spot and root out once they arrive. Here?s a very basic guide to the cyclical structure of a Genestealer Cult?s generation.

The first Genestealer to infect a native life form after arriving will become a Patriarch. We don?t need to worry about him for now though, as he?ll go into hiding for a good while. The first generation of offspring to come from infected life forms, though, now that?s interesting. They?re Acolytes, as are the second generation. They?re repulsive, brutal and cruel, incredibly cunning, prone to living in the shadows and plotting as they breed more Genestealers for the Cult.

The third and fourth generations are known as Neophytes ? the third generation are still obviously alien, grotesque and malformed; but the fourth generation can almost pass as their host species. This is where the Cult begins to get truly dangerous, able to infiltrate and walk among its hosts. If your planet has got these guys on, you?ve probably already lost.

After that? Fourth generation Genestealers, as horrible as it might sound, are able to breed with the local populace, producing Purestrain Genestealers. These creatures are seen as beautiful infants by their parents, and are able to begin anew the cycle of infection, multiplying exponentially and bringing about the downfall of a planet in no time at all.

There are plenty of warning signs but, sadly, if you spot any of them you?re probably already too late. Best to submit to the Cult, really. If you try to draw any attention to them, you risk bringing the Patriarch out of the shadows and bringing about open warfare that might end in Exterminatus ? if you?re lucky.

Just heft your mining laser over your shoulder and try to ignore the lumpy bits on that new guy?s head. 

Author: Davydd

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