The hunt for the Great White Squig part two

?Fools! Must I do everything myself?? Yelled Darius Reboryn as he barged his way through the ranks of his Blood Warriors. He emerged face to face with the bloated, grotesque mass of the the Great White Squig. The beast ceased it?s mauling of his troops and belched in reply, splattering the ground with chewed up, crimson armoured limbs. Darius sneered and swung his screaming daemon axe over his head. ?Blood for the blood god!?

Gary – Well I didn?t get control of the Great White Squig. Nor did I manage to go first for the rest of the battle. My thin defensive line was suddenly fighting for its life against a flood of Grotz, spinning fanatics and the Colossal Squig itself. 

I little choice but to watch as my army was worn away until my Mighty Lord of Khorne had no choice but to confront the Great White Squig. Darius scored several wounds on the monster but was in turn swallowed whole. I had one last hope, that Darius? axe could still cast the Great White Squid into Khorne?s realm at the end of the combat phase. A hush descended and office folk gathered round to watch what I would roll for my Reality Splitting axe.

Squiggmah?s view of what was happening was partially obscured from his position behind his boyz, but he could certainly hear the rending of flesh, with the occasional red armoured limb flying up into the air, so he guessed things were going well.

Suddenly, there was an almighty crack of thunder and a rip appeared in the air around the Great White Squig.  Its outline began to stretch and elongate as it was sucked into the rent, disappearing with an earsplitting bang as the tear in the fabric of the Realm closed behind it.

Simon – Again a really good turn for me, and another mauling turn for Gary, with the only fly in the ointment for me being the Great White Squig being sucked into Khorne?s Realm by the dying blow from Darius Reboryn.  Next turn I would be relying on the Grots to do the killing and i was a little apprehensive about this.

Thankfully Gork smiled upon my dice rolls again at the start of turn two with me winning both the initiative and control over the Great White Squig.  At this point my large unit a Grot spearmen were close enough to release their fanatics in to the Khorgorath, at the same time the smaller unit of spearman also released their fanatics into the already hard pressed Khorgorath.  After being hit by 6 fanatics, it went from a giant red killing machine into a giant red smear.

Dhagron, The Vein Prince screamed senselessly as he layed about himself with his axe. He registered neither the pain of spears piercing his flesh, nor the shock of his axe smashing into Grot after Grot. All was a red haze of fury, his blood lust rising with every moment he held aloft his blazing Portal of Skulls. More and more greenskins filled the Ophidian Archway and soon the press was forcing him backwards until there was no more ground to give.

Gary – I have to be honest, the battle didn?t go so well from a cut and thrust pitched battle point of view. Narratively though it went perfectly! 

The game was all about the rise of Squiggmah and that is certainly what happened. At the start of the game we assigned a reputation points value to each of my units (essentially victory points) that Simon would gain for wiping them out. If he reached a certain value he would gain control of The Great White Squig for his future games. In the end it was a total victory for the Moonclan and I?d had such a great time that I was fully invested in Waaagh! Squigmah. 

Hopefully we will meet in battle again (next time though I?ll be bringing the big boys!). 

Author: Gary & Simon

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