The Lord of War!

Today sees three new options readied for the Warlord Titan; the Lucius Alpha pattern Head; the Arioch Power Claw; and the Sunfury pattern Plasma Annihilator. With these awesome new options we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right parts for your Warlord Titan, so today we’ve also launched the Warlord Titan Builder!

The Warlord Titan Builder is the easiest way to pick the head and weapons to equip your Warlord with. Just click on the cogs on the image and select each component from the menu.

Each time you select a new option the image of the Titan will change, and the list of components will update. Once you’ve created your perfect Titan, then click ‘Add to Cart’ and you’re ready to go! You’ll soon be wreaking havoc on your enemies and smashing whole armies to dust!

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