The Stormcloud Attack Fighter Ace Championship

Stormcloud Attack! A fast-paced game for two players, taking each player’s chosen skyborne death machine (or machines, should they field a squadron) and allowing them to wage aerial warfare with some spectacular and fun rules. The instant we heard about it we got very excited – we’re all big fans of a certain eighties movie about aeroplanes – and immediately decided to host our own tournament.

Here are the first few contenders, introducing their flying death machines to the world!

Blade of Khaine – Ian

The Blade of Khaine is a Nightshade Interceptor piloted by Prince Morthandril, an Exarch of the Crimson Hunter aspect aligned to craftworld Yme-Loc. When piloting his craft, Morthandril’s neural pathways are connected to the Blade’s own hard wired infinity circuit, flooding his consciousness with the accumulated experiences and abilities of the craft’s previous pilots, making him a formidable opponent.

Morthandril is currently engaged in defence of Brathannar, an artificial maiden world constructed entirely of wraithbone and concealed from the rest of the galaxy’s predatory inhabitants by a powerful psychic cloak. Deep in the planet’s core the war-smiths of Yme-loc toil to create ever more powerful engines of destruction to make war on the Great Enemy and destroy the menace posed by the abomination of the Devourer and the ancient terror that is awakening from its Great Sleep.

Tragically, the webway portals of Brathannar have been breached by the Eldar’s dark kin who prize the technological marvels within for their own sinister purpose. High above the verdant surface and within the labyrinthine tunnels deep beneath the surface Morthandril and his Crimson Hunters pursue the twisted craft of the Kabal of the Twilight Sun, locked in a lightning fast death struggle in defence of their hidden world construct.

Da Midnite Bomma – Simon P.

«Da fing about Mad Rick is – ‘e’s mad. I don’t mean mad in da normal Orky way, I mean proppa mad. Like wun of dem Grots wot’s been in ‘is Kan too long. E’s barmy. If somefing moves, ‘e boms it. If somefing don’t move, ‘e boms it. If somefing moves den stops movin’, ‘e boms it, den flys inta it. Da Meks all ‘ate im, coz e nevah brings a Bomma back. Just leaves em in a million pieces on top of some poor git. Ee’s ‘ad more crashes than I’ve ‘ad whacks on the ‘ead from me boss. An don’t get me started on ‘is’ Gunna Grot, ‘Goos’, who ee’s always punchin’ out. Mad little git don’t stop firin’, even on da runway.

Course, don’t tell ‘im I sed all dis or ‘e’ll pull me teef out throo me nostrils… Oh, crikey, ere e comes now…. alright Rick…. was jus’ tellin’ dis lot what a good… ere, what’s dat pipe for mate…? Where you gunna stick dat… YAAAAAAARGH!»

Kin’ai Estai – Simon A.

Kin’ai Estai, the Purple Wrath, flown by Lathron will be the winner.

Kin’ai Estai is his personal crimson hunter resplendent in his favoured purple and turquoise from his home craftworld. A Maverick pilot who delights in shooting his foes down into the lowly infantry maximizing the casualties of his enemies. Lathron grew up on jetbikes before graduating to a Vyper where he gaining a reputation as an ice cold killer, before moving onto the Crimson Hunter.

The first his opposition pilots know of his presence is the flash of a bright lance passing their cockpit, which usually means the other lance has already destroyed the rear of their flyer! As a Pilot Assassin Exarch he has trained many Crimson Hunter and now brings his impressive combat skills back to the skies.

The stormclouds are gathering. Many flyers are taking to the air, foes ripe for destruction. Do any of these lesser foes have the skill to down the master pilot, or will Purple Wrath prevail in the coming battles and take the trophy?

Author: Davydd, Simon P, Ian & Simon A

Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here.  Some may find their way onto this very blog.
Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.

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