Warhammer 40,000 character deathmatch – part 2

Hello everyone, Davydd here. I?ve been selected to tell you all about the MASSIVE FIGHT Jamie?s Kharn the Betrayer got into. Cor, it was a bit of a scrap and no mistake!

The Contest

The rules were simple. Last man standing wins, but the chap with the most kills earns the biggest bragging rights (and bragging is what counts, right?) 

John went first, and chose to try kicking Typhus? teeth in. It didn?t go brilliantly; he missed, failed to charge, and was immediately killed by Typhus? retaliation, a combination of Nurgle?s Rot and his Daemonic Scythe. The dark gods smile upon this, granting a boon ? Cosmic Fate ? allowing Typhus to re-roll armour saves.

Asurmen up next; going straight for Ghazgkull, he misses with his shots but charges in, with shouting and swordery, and kills Ghazgkull in the face with his Soul Razor. Poor Ghazgkull Thraka didn?t stand a chance.

Kharn spotted an opportunity to attack while Asurmen recovered from his awesome kill, but got caught up dodging a torrent of defensive shuriken fire. No kill for you!

Ant, perhaps slightly ill-advisedly, decided to throw his Swarmlord at Typhus, unleashing a psychic assault. 12 dice were used ? but no wounds landed. After all that, he then failed to charge. An unsuccessful first turn for the plucky Tyranid. Typhus retaliated by firing off a psychic barrage of his own, with Nurgle?s Rot and Gift of Contagion causing a wound, then reducing the Swarmlord?s strength and toughness by 1. A sweep of his daemonic scythe causes 2 wounds.

Asurmen advanced confidently toward Kharn. shooting as he strode. 2 wounds inflicted! Kharn?s response, a brutal swing of Gorechild, smashed a wound from the side of Asurmen. A mighty duel ensued, with Kharn ducking and weaving, bringing Asurmen down to his final wound. It?s all getting a bit heated?

The Swarmlord and Typhus spend a turn swinging at each other?s faces, but each miss. A bit of an anticlimax, but quite funny? the laughter stops as Nurgle?s Rot smashes out 4 wounds, bringing an end to the Swarmlord?s day out.

Asurmen?s speed and experience finally allow him to kill Kharn (now, hang on. Kharn is objectively best, and I?ll have none of this; he?s merely resting ? Jamie). Typhus launches yet more of his spectacularly effective Nurgle?s Rot, hoping to end the fight once and for all ? but it fails to connect! Asurmen immediately dives from cover, hurling shuriken fire with abandon at Typhus, but the ?orrible one?s constitution means the blades are simply ignored. Grinning, Typhus uses Contagion to stop an attack from Asurmen, and this time Nurgle?s Rot does the job. Asurmen?s final wound is gone, and Typhus stands (slouches?) tall.

The final points tally in this fatal five-way:

Luke, Destroyer of Worlds: 3 kills.

Steve, Slightly Less Good Destroyer of Worlds: 2 kills.

Over to Luke for some smug words of victory!

Victory Speech

I just wanted give a big thank you to all of you today, I really enjoyed the game and as some of you may have seen had several high points..

Today I was physically shaking with excitement with all of the awesomely cool stuff that happened such as one great big (if not the biggest) ork ? Ghazghkull ? literally dispersing into the warp as an Eldar prances about him waving his «special» sword; Kharn more interested in beating his own chest then killing the enemy; and a Swarmlord that got so much horrible biomass in his eyes he couldn’t seem to land a decent hit.

Some great models and great banter was seen from all and I wanted to say thank you for making it a great returning game for me (it?s been a couple of years since I last played Warhammer 40,000; I think I?m back in the game with a vengeance.)

Author: Davydd

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