What’s on in October

As the chill nights draw in, Warhammer World in October is a warm haven of hobby welcoming you in with a book signing, Armies on Parade, Saturday night pub Quizzes, gaming events, newly arranged stores and a FREE gaming event!

There’s a lot happening this month, so check out what you could get involved with below, and start making your plans now!


Gav Thorpe Corax Book Signing

1st October

Gav Thorpe is a prolific Black Library author, with a massive list of well loved novels to his name.  Although the new book Corax is released on October 8th, you can get your copy a full week early, and get it signed by Gav, on October 1st at Warhammer World!

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steve wren armies on parade 2015

Armies on Parade

15th October

Bring along your collection of miniatures to show off by placing them “on parade”, and you could win the public vote to get a bronze, silver or gold medal! Even if not entering your own miniatures, come and have a look at some great hobby skills, and cast your vote.

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Pub Quiz

Late Night Saturday!

15th October

Join us for a late Saturday as we’ll have a fun free event to join in with and, all areas of Warhammer World are open until 8.00pm, then Bugman?s Bar is open until 10.00pm.

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great devourer front cover

Battle Brothers: The Great Devourer

15th – 16th October

The Shrine World of Shadowbrink is under attack from Hive Fleet Leviathan. Join with your gaming partner for a weekend of doubles actin. Expect twists, turns and lots of fun in another great Battle Brothers event.  

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New Stores Revealed!

22nd October

The development of Warhammer World’s three stores is revealed, and they open their doors in their new finished format. See more miniatures than before as you browse the range, find more stock on the shelves, and enjoy all the unique items and services as usual!

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Half Term Holidays

22nd – 30th October

Make the most of time away from your studies with a day of gaming at Warhammer World! Book your gaming tables in advance to be sure of a space, and bring your mates and miniatures –  or just come and experience the amazing Exhibition Centre.

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IMM HARV cover

Throne of Skulls: Immortal Harvest

22nd – 23rd October

Gifted your warriors with mighty powers and artefacts ? all the better to lay waste to your enemies. Beware though, for even the gods of order brook no failure in their avatars, and there is a great price to pay should you falter… This proves to be another great Throne of Skulls weekend! 

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Start Collecting! The Battle of Ghur

Sunday 23rd October

A free one day event for anyone who buys a Start Collecting box set from the Warhammer World store. Play 5 games over a fun day of battles and camraderie and enjoy playing in an event in the incredible Warhammer World hall! 

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Pub Quiz

Late Night Saturday!

29th October

Join us for a late Saturday where the free Horus Heresy Pub Quiz starts 7.45pm. Please arrive early to be sure of a space! All areas of Warhammer World are open until 8.00pm, then Bugman?s Bar is open until 10.00pm.

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shadow war cover

Campaign Weekend: The Shadow War

29th -30th October

At this weekend, we will be waging war along the main battleline of the Horus Heresy. Though the Heresy began at Istavaan and ended with the death of Horus on Terra, there were many long years of brutal and bitter warfare as the galaxy was torn apart by the forces of the Imperium. Relive these dark times at this great event.  

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