Visiting Warhammer World is often a dream come true for miniatures collectors, painters and gamers alike. Many first-time visits are part of a celebration like a birthday, so you can now surprise someone with Warhammer World Exhibition tickets, before they even know you’re planning to bring them here! As well as being available in the […]

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Tickets for March’s events & 2019 Grand Tournaments at Warhammer World are now on sale! Please bear in mind our events have been extremely popular, with tickets rarely lasting more than a day or two (in some cases minutes) so be sure to get the ticket to the event you are after as soon as you […]

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A Year of Victories!

Featured A Year of Victories! Greetings, Guardsmen! Depending on your current chronological circumstances, you may well be experiencing the New Year right now ? a perfect time to look back upon our most glorious of victories in the previous Terran Year: The Vigilus Trap! In an act of unprecedented tactical genius, we have managed to lure […]

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