Adeptus Titanicus Diorama on Display Now

Reveled for the first time at Saturday’s Vigilus Open Day, Battle at the Gates of Nyrcon City is one of two new dioramas for the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre – and you can see it there now!

It’s just under two meters long, and shows the Titans of Legio Astorum, and Imperial Knights of House Vyroni, moving to defend the city walls of Nyrcon City against the attack of Legio Mortis and House Malinax.

Area 4 of the Exhibition will be closed December 3rd to 5th, although all other areas, including the new diorama, will be open. The closure is so we can install the second new diorama the Warhammer World Studio team were showing off at the Open Day, which is a lot less urban.

Outpost 402 is set deep in the jungle, with an ancient artifact suddenly bursting into life. This new 2 by 4 foot diorama packs a lot of detail into a small space, and you’ll be able to see it in the Exhibition from December 6th.

So if you’re visiting Warhammer World this week, make sure you take the trip upstairs to see how the Battle at the Gates of Nyrcon City is progressing, and otherwise we’ll see you from December 6th, somewhere in the jungle.

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