And the wiinner of the Warlord Titan is…

Three titans have been won this week, and today we announce the biggest of all. Today’s winner will be receiving an immense Warlord Titan, it the first time we’ve ever given away something so huge!

The Warlord winning entry was written by Corey S of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. That’s right Corey, we’re sending you a Warlord Titan!

The Forge World Panel of Judgement didn’t consider what class of Titan was featured in the stories they judged when they picked the winners, but it just happens the Cory wrote about a Warlord Titan; Iudex Ignes – Judgement of Fire:

The green horde amassed against Princeps Capprisahl had little to offer in the way of opposition. Not even the Gargant was a challenge. The fact that the green-skins thought this pitiful effigy to their gods could possibly threaten the mighty god-engine was infuriating. As the Gargant strode toward the newly commissioned Warlord Titan, Capprisahl commanded the Belicosa Volcano Cannon be brought against the beast, but he could feel the machine spirit’s defiance; the Warlord had a hot temper, and it didn’t want to simply destroy the effigy.

It wanted to watch it burn.

The machine over-rode the Princeps’ commands and instead leveled the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator against the Gargant. The momentary delay proved costly; the Gargant closed the distance between them, and its massive fist smashed away the Warlord’s weapon. In the confusion, Capprisahl took back control, taking a step backward while swinging the Volcano Cannon upward, intent on discharging its destructive payload point-blank into the Gargant’s face. The attack was thwarted as he was knocked off balance; the Gargant punched a hole the size of a Leman Russ in the Warlord’s side with its massive fist. The Gargant’s fingers spread wide, locking the hand into place and revealing an opening in its palm and over a dozen Orks flooded out of the Gargant’s “Boarding Fist.”

The brief fight with the on-board Skitarii defenders barely slowed down the Orks and they quickly secured the engineering deck. Capprisahl could feel the Orks like a virus, his body temperature already rising to sweat them out. The Warlord mimicked him, ratcheting up its temperature to burn out the intruders.

Capprisahl swung the Volcano Cannon, smashing it down through the Gargant’s arm, severing it at mid-bicep. Simultaneously, the machine spirit twisted hard, smashing the Plasma Annihilator into the hollow stump of the newly severed arm, and unleashed a miniature sun directly into the Gargant’s hull. The resulting explosion washed fiery destruction over the Warlord and several kilometers of the battlefield. The blackened hull of the Warlord held as the plasma wave super-heated the Warlord’s interior, incinerating the Orks and the few remaining maintenance servitors.

The machine spirit was smug, and Capprisahl could feel it. He supposed that the Gargant had indeed burned, if only briefly. At any rate, the Waaagh!!! had broken – tested against the might of the Imperium and had fiery judgment visited upon it.


Congratulation again Corey, on your fantastic story and winning an immense Warlord Titan.

That’s all of the Titan’s won, but it’s not over yet! You sent us so many more fantastic stories than we were expecting, we’ve decided to send out even more prizes! Gary, Luke, Simon and Tris from the Forge World Customer Service team have been scouring through the best entries, and each picking their favourite. We’ll be sending each of these four runners-up a Cerastus Knight. Make sure you come back next week when we’ll be announcing who’s won.

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