Another new era begins

So, October?s White Dwarf, the second issue of the relaunched monthly, is just around the corner, and it?s also the start of another new era ? for the White Dwarf team this time, as long-time Editor Jes Bickham, who oversaw last month?s sterling first issue of the new monthly White Dwarf, has moved on to pastures new in the Design Studio.

Jes?s reign was rather remarkable: a 2012 relaunch leading to what?s widely regarded as the finest run in White Dwarf?s history, then the colossal achievement of producing a new White Dwarf every single week for two and a half years from early 2014 until the middle of this year, and, finally, his undoubted crowning achievement, the new monthly White Dwarf, the ultimate Warhammer magazine. So, it?s only right we begin our look at October?s White Dwarf by wishing Jes all the very best for future, as we?re sure many of you will want to, too. (We still pop by his new desk occasionally, of course, to ask if he?s painted any more green Tyranids and to mock him for his lack of beard.) Here in the bunker that means a new emissary of Grombrindal in the chair ? me.

And so we come to October?s White Dwarf and the job of continuing what we started last month. Jes spoke a little bit on this blog last month about how we started out with our own ideas of what the ultimate White Dwarf would look like. The great thing about a large, monthly magazine like White Dwarf is that on the one hand there is space to realise these ideals, and on the other you get to produce a new version of that ?ultimate? ideal every month.

Over the years, White Dwarf has produced a whole host of much-loved articles ? far more than we could ever possibly cram into a single issue. We?ve been absolutely overjoyed with the reaction to the first issue, and particularly how delighted people seem to be to see the return of old favourites like A Tale of Four Warlords, as well as new features like the Ultimate Guide and Temporal Distort (which all return again this month), but there are also a few frequently requested features that didn?t make it into the issue. So it is that this month we get to bring you what has been probably the most requested feature since last month?s issue came out ? a brand-new ?Eavy Metal Masterclass.

The other great thing about working on the new monthly White Dwarf is the scope it provides us for both depth and variety, and you can see that in the way we?ve been able to approach this month?s cover feature, the Genestealer Cults. These have been a part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe for a long, long time, but until recently were very much in the shadows. They came back into the limelight earlier this year with Deathwatch Overkill and now they?re here as a full-blown army with their own codex and all. What the monthly White Dwarf allows us to do is take a really good, detailed look at the Genestealer Cults (they feature in Planet Warhammer, Ultimate Guide, Designers? Notes and this month?s Battle Report, played on one of the most amazing boards we?ve ever had in White Dwarf, no less) while still having room for all your other favourites and tons of other new stuff besides.

So, what is all that other cool stuff? Well? 

  • An interview with Jes Goodwin (another of those much-requested features we?re delighted to be able to bring you this month)
  • Simon Grant?s Space Wolves in Army of the Month
  • A huge Battle Report: part of our cover feature on the Genestealer Cults, we send in the Deathwatch.
  • Will of Iron: not only do we have an interview with the creative team behind Titan?s new series of Warhammer 40,000 comics, but we?ve also got an exclusive prologue, issue #0 free with the magazine!
  • Paint Splatter: a highlighting special, bringing you layering and edge highlighting, then putting it into action on the Blood Angels
  • Sprues and Glue: Genestealer Hybrids sneak their way into the Astra Militarum, and we show you how to model them up
  • Plus a host of regulars and much, much more. Check out our Facebook page for some previews coming up over the next week!

So, with October?s issue, as well as it being an absolutely cracking issue packed with highlights, we think you can really start to see the sheer range and depth of articles we?re going to be bringing you each issue. Of course, we?re always keen to hear what you think, so why not let us know what some of your favourites have been over these first two issues?

Enjoy the new issue!

Author: Matt Keefe

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