Another Warhound Titan has been won!

One Titan has already been claimed, today we announce the winner of our second Warhound Titan.

Today’s winner is Sam G of Manchester, UK. Congratulations Sam, you’ve won yourself a Warhound Titan!

Sam’s story tells of the glory of the Warlord Titan Melody of Rapture.

A proud engine of the Legio Crucius, the titan given the designation Melody of Rapture bears lineage to the famed Dominus Lux, a Nightgaunt class Warlord which served as the principle engine of Battlegroup Circe, alongside the Blood Angel’s Primary Expeditionary Fleet.

The battlegroup met their end against an ork scrap-stronghold on Purgatia Secundus. Here, the greenskins had created a nightmarish amalgamation of several thousand war machines; this so called ‘extinction engine’ dwarfed even the mighty Imperator class in stature and potency. Battlegroup Circe’s task was to disable the gargant’s shields at range, to allow a strike force led by the Primarch Sanguinius, to board and destroy it from within.

The attack did not begin well – the enemy’s shields were discovered to be far more powerful than anticipated. Realising their offensive was stalling, the battlegroup formed up to engage at point blank range.

It was then that the titans of the battlegroup began to die – blasted apart by the overwhelming firepower of the gargant and its ground support. Soon, only Dominus Lux remained; her hull aflame and her gun barrels warping from charge-cores that were dangerously close to catastrophic overload. Defiant to the last, her warhorn boomed a mournful dirge and her weapons roared in rage at the deaths of her lesser kin. With a last surge of effort, Dominus Lux closed the distance and delivered a blow from her arioch claw that finally brought low the gargant’s shields, allowing Sanguinius and his sons to board and carry the day, but not before Dominus Lux was dealt a deathblow that shattered her armoured carapace and annihilated her bridge section.

At the battle’s conclusion, Sanguinius remarked that the sound of the engine’s final moments was ‘…a dolorous symposium; akin to the melody of rapture itself…’ And that their sacrifice would be honoured as ‘…befitting their glorious martyrdom.’

Afterwards, elements of the Dominus Lux were recovered and re-forged anew. Anointed Melody of Rapture, the titan’s honour pennant bears a solitary stylised blood drop, rumoured to have been imbued with a single measure of blood from Sanguinius himself. Testimonials given by the XXVIIth Arkharion Grenadiers during later campaigns suggests that the warriors of the IXth Legion fought all the harder whilst under the Melody’s shadow; though whether this is in deference to the sacrifice of her forbearers, or the potential proximity to the holy blood of their angel Primarch is unknown.


A great story Sam, and it’s won you a Titan, congratulations!

How did your story compare to our first two winners? Come back tomorrow to find out if you’ve won a massive Reaver Titan.

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