Armies on Parade: No Gaming tables on October 13th

On October 13th 2018 Armies on Parade is back!

It?s time once again to start building your display board and preparing your miniatures ? with a variety of prizes available across the categories, this is your chance to show off!

Because of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Finals, and Armies on Parade, we don’t have any gaming tables available on October 13th 2018.

The day is a chance to see the lovingly prepared collections of your fellow hobbyists at all of our Warhammer and Games Workshop stores, but at Warhammer World, people go above and beyond!

You’ll get to see a lot of displays, as some people travel specially to Warhammer World for Armies on Parade, to meet like-minded hobbyists and make a day out of the event.  Plus we’ll have a special separate category for the Games Workshop staff – meaning you get to see some of the passion projects created on lunch-breaks and in personal time.

Find out more about Armies on Parade, and start planning your entry – Enjoy it, whether  you make the journey to share it at Warhammer World, or in your local store!

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