Car Park Improvements

Edit: 1.00pm December 8th – The car park is now open! Work went swiftly, and we now have lots of extra spaces for you to use.

More car parking spaces are coming, but there’s a bit of disruption first.

Games Workshop are stripping out and rearranging the car park at Warhammer World, as we have more staff working for us and more customers visiting us, and we need more spaces for them all!

This means that on December 7th, 8th and 9th we’ll be directing you to park in our staff car parking areas instead of the main car park in front of Warhammer World.

  • Security staff will be on the gate, helping with any issues.
  • You’ll have no more than a two or three minute walk.
  • A ‘safe’ path will be clearly marked across the car park.
  • Why not try out the tram or bus, and not need to worry about the car at all?

    (That means the chance to enjoy a beer or cider in Bugman’s!)

Please bear with us over a couple of days changes to our usual service, and things will be much better from December 10th.

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