Charity Raffle Model: Magnus the Red: Painted by Duncan

Charity Raffle Model: Magnus the Red: Painted by Duncan

Thats right! The one and only Duncan painted this model, and it’s now up for the NOCF charity raffles. That means you can buy a piece of history,, after all we all remember all the news about this model before it was revealed….

Get Raffle tickets here for him.

There are tons of other Army raffles and Models raffles live now. here is the list and where you can find them all.

Summer 2017 Charity Army Raffles

The 2017 Charity Army Lineup

Raffles Are Live Now

40K Necrons – “The Golden Dynasty”

Flames of War – “Monty’s Desert Rats” & “Rommel’s Afrika Korps”

30K Sons of Horus – “Speartip of the Warmaster”

30K Mechanicum – “The Hammer of Omnissiah”

X-Wing Squadron – “Organa’s Angels”

Warmachine/Hordes Cygnar – “Stryker’s Irregulars”

Blood Bowl Game Set and Pitch – from Stiff Neck Studios

A New Guild release, pro-painted – from Steamforged

The 2017 Charity Model Raffles

Go Live Same Time

Artists Donating Models Include:

Roman Lappat

Duncan Rhodes

Alan O’Bryan

Torlap “Thor” Intararangson

Patrick Chambers

Drew Palies

John McAvoy

And More!

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