Coming Soon: Warhammer World Improvements

Warhammer World is the ultimate destination for Warhammer fans ? a pilgrimage many of us dream of making. Some come to visit the Exhibition, others to sample Bugman?s own brews and many to test their generalship on some of the world?s best gaming tables.

We?re about to make gaming at Warhammer World even better, with a new set of changes designed to offer more games, to more people, on some great-looking scenery. We?re doing our best to keep disruption to your experience to a bare minimum.

Firstly, from November 12th we?re doing away with table bookings in order to offer more people a chance to get a go on our tables. Previously, getting a slot at Warhammer World on a busy day was a bit of a lottery, with those lucky enough to call us first getting their choice of table. Now, we?ll assign tables to people who visit on the day, organising it so more players get to game on their favourite tables.

To make sure we can give everyone a chance to game at Warhammer World, we?re also re-shuffling our tables. We?ll be adding more boards to game on, as well as rotating out some older scenic boards to make room for shiny new ones from our Warhammer World studio. You can expect to see more slots to game in with better terrain, plus exciting new options like the recently revealed River of Souls or the Downed Titan.

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