Day 6: Beasts of Nurgle

Day 6: Beasts of Nurgle

Previously leaked, the Beasts of Nurgle were seen in a video that was quite fun. Here they are now…..

The Sixth Day of Nurgle: Beasts of Nurgle

via Warhammer Community

It’s the 6th Day of Nurgle, and today, we’re looking at some of the Plague God’s most well-meaning (and deadly) servants. Next year, the Beasts of Nurgle will be getting an updated kit to properly capture the grotesque friendliness these monstrosities are known for:

The new Beast of Nurgle kit is absolutely packed with extras, meaning if you want to field a pack of them you’ll be able to ensure that each looks different. From a variety of exposed innards to flailing tentacles, they’ll be great for converting the rest of your Nurgle Daemons too!

While you wait for your Beasts of Nurgle, we’ve got a free wallpaper to tide you over. Make sure to come back tomorrow for your last preview, when we’re looking at some new scenery for devotees of the Plague God.

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