Dom’s Knight Errant-Tylos Rubio

Dom has wrested control of the Forge World Bulletin today to tell us how he?s painted his first Horus Heresy Character Series model – Knight-Errant Tylos Rubio:

Tylos Rubio is the first character series model I?ve ever painted, so when asked to paint one for the blog my first thought was ?don?t do a bad job?!

Once I?d established that I could hold a paint brush correctly I had a think about how I wanted to paint this model. As a proto-Grey Knight I wanted to keep his colour scheme really simple, devoid of Legion markings so as to set him aside from the rest of the Legiones Astartes.

I settled on a neutral grey scheme, as if the heraldry of his original armour has been scoured down. A basecoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey, followed by a Nuln Oil Shade and an edge highlight of Ulthuan Grey did the job. I made sure to add the odd scratch of Ulthuan Grey to the armour so that it wouldn?t look too pristine.

Once that was done it was quite a straightforward task of finishing off the details of the model, adding golds and silvers to accentuate the model’s details. To add a couple of extra colours I decided to use red and white fields on the knee pads, this was a nod towards the heraldry of the Grey Knights as they appear in Warhammer 40,000.

I always tend to paint quite neutral bases and, even though the base for this model was quite large, this principle didn?t change. Whenever I paint rocks I use a dark brown basecoat (in this case I used Rhinox Hide and then drybrushed successive layers of increasingly lighter greys. The real key for drybrushing is to take all the paint off the brush, I usually use a piece of cardboard to do this, and then work the brush in a circular motion to get a good spread of colour on the model.

I?m quite happy with how this model turned out, especially as it was something of an experiment painting in a really neutral colour palette.

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