Dwarven Reinforcements

Last week we showed you the Iron Hills Dwarves painted by Jay Clare; his enthusiasm for the armour-clad warriors is shared by the rest of the Middle-earth? team too, as Model Designers Keith Robertson and Gavin Newton have been hard at work on their own collections.

In contrast to the bright red shields on Jay?s models, Gavin has instead gone for a much darker tone for his Iron Hills Dwarves. Again starting from a Khorne Red basecoat, Gavin washed his shields with Agrax Earthshade, which has given them a much darker hue.

Finally, Gavin finished off his models by washing the entire miniature with Nuln Oil, emphasising all the recessed detail and giving his Dwarves a weathered and grimy look, befitting of the hardened veterans of the Iron Hills.

Keith has gone one step further in keeping his shields even darker, opting to use browns instead of reds. He started by painting the shields with Doombull Brown before washing them with Nuln Oil to give that deep brown colour that appears throughout his collection.


The centrepiece of Keith?s Iron Hills army so far is this fantastic Iron Hills Ballista Keith has even created a scenic base for. Deciding that it would look great on a display base, Keith chose a 120mm oval base to mount it upon before using wood putty to sculpt this amazingly detailed landscape for the Ballista to feature on ? we think you?ll agree it really makes Keith?s Iron Hills Ballista look the part.

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