Even more flyers!

Da Shootin? Sky ship with Kaptn Morgaron – Amy

More Zoom you sky dogs! Gonna hit the Orkestra buildin? n I ain?t goin? back to the Commodor wit more bad newz?

These runts are piggin? useless, der is just not enough zoom, dis ship needs more bombs, more ammo, ?n? more bombs! I wanna ?ave bombs on bombs ?n? if i don?t get it- you?ll walk da plank!

As Kapn of dis Sky ship, I like to make sure these runts know der place (under my boot obviously) I am a wee bit more educated dan most, an as such like to use more than two words at a time.

I enjoy long zoom sessions wit loadz of droppin bombz on anybody who getz in my way. At times, deez sessions don?t always go in line with da plan, ?n? dis kan get me in da (Oy! Sniffler- wat?s dis word) yeh trouble wit da Commodor who?s my boss.

My perfect day would ?ave a bunch of my sky dogs doin? every little ting dat pops into my ?ead. I?m talkin? more bombs, brushin? my lovely red shinies coat, NOT gettin? me in da…trouble. Yeh an killin loadz of dem stupid space ship marines wit der flashy ships and fancy bullets- whatever ?appened to gud ol? fashioned mechs wit rusty wheels, false starts, oil spillin? everywhere. Dis lovely ship- da best sky ship in existence I add- ?as been in my family for a long while, if it ain?t broke don?t fix it, unless well it does break den kinda need to fix it?

I have always loved pirates, and on seeing the pirate grots knew immediately I would need to make some kind of pirate ork creation, hence the pirate themed bi-plane. In true Ork fashion, there are so many bombs- the plane will most likely just blow up as soon as it tries to attack an enemy- which in true Amy fashion is what I spend all my gaming time doing anyway.

Fists Of Thunder piloted by Captain Luxus Backfinn – Karl

Captain Luxus Backfinn is from the Imperial Fist 3rd Company and I named my pilot with the name Backfinn because when I was putting the Stormhawk together I glued the tail fin on backwards!

Imperial Fists are my chapter of choice because I loved reading the novel Space Marine by Ian Watson (how old are you you Karl?! – Ed) and the series books that followed.

This was my first time painting a large models in about 20 years, I have been on and off with building Space Marines but never got to finish them. Along came Stormcloud Attack with an office challenge and I couldn’t resist. I got help with painting techniques from the Warhammer TV on Imperial Fists and the Stormhawk Interceptor. I also got some color advice from the staff in store at Warhammer world. In the future I want to do weathering on the hull and some engine wear.

I really enjoyed building, painting and then playing. I had forgotten how much fun it was. All I need to do now is win some battles.

Malthus Haix – Ed

Originally a successful Reaver racing in the arenas, Malthus used his wealth and status to become a mercenary Razorwing pilot, currently in the employ of Archon Vyce. He achieved notoriety during what became known as the Paricleus Incursion, a Dark Eldar raid on an Imperium system on the fringe of the Segmentum Tempestus. His preference is to wait until the main raid is over and ambush the relief columns bringing aid to the survivors of the initial Dark Eldar attack.

Malthus makes the most of the Razorwing?s raw speed in combat, making repeated high speed passes before closing in on his target and downing it with Dark Lance fire and Shatterfield missiles. To date he has destroyed three enemy fighters, four armoured vehicles, eight transports and countless civilian ground targets.

Other Razorwing pilots, jealous of his kills, have argued that Malthus? recent success was largely down to the efforts of his wingman, Khyra Shade. Unfortunately, on their most recent sortie together, Khyra?s Razorwing developed ?technical issues? and was lost on the return journey. Neither the remains of her, nor her Razorwing, could be recovered.

Author: Amy, Karl & Ed

Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.
Please share your miniatures with us via our Flickr pool here. Some may find their way onto this very blog.

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