Fyresteel Weapons…… Fyreslayer Battletome Prevews

Fyresteel Weapons…… Fyreslayer Battletome Prevews

With the updated and new Fyreslayer Battletome coming this weekend to pre-orders we are getting a preview of the weapons used by the Fyreslayers.

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Fyresteel Weapons

Fyreslayers do not forge their weapons from ur-gold, as doing so only captures a small amount of this magical mineral’s power. Instead, most Fyreslayer weapons are forged from some form of fyresteel, a super-hard magical metal. There are as many ways to make fyresteel as there are Fyreslayer lodges, with each modifying the alloy in their own way. The Thungur lodge, for example, mix in crystal from Hysh, making their blades shine with light.

The Latchkey Grandaxe

«Wielded by the Auric Runefathers, Latchkey Grandaxes are simultaneously symbols of office and weapons of war. In combat, they can easily behead a rampaging orruk in a single strike, while defensively, Auric Runefathers can use the blade’s notches to catch and break enemy blades. «


Among the most unusual weapons wielded by the Fyreslayers are magmapikes. These bladed, magical hand-cannons fire bolts of lava that scorch flesh and melt through armour with deadly effect. 


«some Vulkite Berzerkers wield bladed slingshields – razor-sharp discs that can be used to deflect incoming blows or hurled at close range on the charge to cut down their unsuspecting enemies.»

Magmic Battleforges

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