Gary and Jim play some Age of Sigmar part 2

Last week Gary and Jim played a game of Age of Sigmar and we shared how they had gone about setting up the game and choosing their armies. Unfortunately they blathered on for so long there was no space to talk about the game they played, so here it is ? take it away, chaps! At length.

Gary?s view

So the battle is over and it was a close, tense affair all the way through. Jim was onto my plan right from the start, he took one look at my set up and jabbed a finger at the close packed Khorne models: ?You can forget it if you think I?m coming near that!? 

I could see the battle lust in Jim?s eye though, I knew if I was patient and offered him a little bait he wouldn?t be able to help coming straight for me. The first round didn?t go so well for me though, a hail of stormcall javelins and bow fire cut down my Bloodletters and left the unit icon bearer looking very lonely indeed.

This forced me to push forward, taking my walking bunker of axes into charge range of the Stormcasts. Sure enough, Jim hurled the warriors of Sigmar into the fray. Thankfully I had the foresight to arrange my battlelines so I could absorb the charge and then strike back with a second wave. 

After this brutal first exchange, we counted the losses. I?d lost half of The Fyrstbjorn while all of Jim?s Liberators had fallen. Darius Reboryn was locked in mortal combat with Jim?s Lord Celestant and the coming roll to see who went first in the next round was critical.

Jim won the roll and his Decimators waded into the melee along with his Prosecutors. This swung the battle right back in Jim?s favour, the Unbjorn were massacred by the Decimators and worst of all, Darius Reboryn was smashed into the dirt by the Lord Celestant. Jim lost his Prosecutors though so it was all set up for a nail-biter.

I won the final roll to see who goes first and it was decisive. Having two turns in a row handed me the initiative and allowed me to mop up the remnants of the Stormcasts. Jim?s Decimators were unscathed though, but as the dust settled, Jim conceded the field. 

Jim?s view


Much as I?d like to take issues with Gary?s summary, he largely has the right of the facts. What he fails to mention of course is the sheer ungentlemanliness (that?s a word by the way (?course it is, Jim ? Ed)) of bringing a Khorne army and then using tactics! Worse than that, his plan called for the frenzied servants of the Skull Throne to use something called ?patience? whilst Sigmar?s righteous were suppose to hang around throwing insults. Actually my plan was to throw something much more deadly, that is to say Stormcall Javelins and arrows from the Realmhunter?s Bow.

Things looked pretty good in the first turn when I decimated his Bloodletters, but the real fly in my ointment was that rampaging Khorgorath, and when in turn 2 my Star-fated arrow failed to wound I knew trouble was brewing. 

The battle was very close, despite all those plus ones and rerolls that Gary?s Blood Warriors benefitted from, but what really cost me was my Lord Celestant not quite living up to his star billing. Despite finishing off Darius Reboryn, he took four wounds, partly because my roll of a six to wound with my Dracoth?s claws and fangs (which could have killed him in a single blow) was saved by his armour, and then when he took on the Blood Warriors he needed to make 4 out of 7 saves on a 3+ but fluffed it. The Decimators did well (helped by a maximum 6 mortal wounds from the two Starsoul Maces), and if my Prosecutors had carried on from their successes of the first turn I might have taken down that Khorgorath even without the Star-fated Arrow.

In the end I probably conceded more out of frustration from losing my general that because the battle was completely lost – my Decimators might have held out. But it felt like Gary had done enough to carry the day so I conceded a minor victory for Chaos. Sigmar?s vengeance will be final though Gary, you mark my words?

Author: Gary & Jim

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