Golden Demon Winner’s Challenge on Display

You might have seen in White Dwarf that a new challenge has been issued to the Golden Demon winners who were at the 2017 Golden Demon Winner’s Day – and now most of the resulting miniatures are available to see in the Warhammer World Exhibition.

For more than 30 years Golden Demon has been the ultimate challenge for the very best painters of Citadel miniatures. Giving the winners of this painting competition the chance to shine and perhaps settle some friendly rivalry, you can bet that these miniatures realise fantastic ideas in great painted detail.

It’s inspiring to see entries included from winners of the Youngblood category. These are young painters with growing confidence and ever increasing skills, who weren’t intimidated about taking part alongside Slayer Sword winning painters!

Throughout May, June and July?s issues of White Dwarf, you can discover more about the challenge set by the White Dwarf team, see all of the entries, and read the thoughts of the painters behind these miniatures. They’ll be revealing the winning entry there, and as yet, even we in Warhammer World don’t know which is the chosen one.

To see the miniatures for yourself, in full detail, visit the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre and look for the Guest Display cabinets in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar room.

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