Guest Display: Chris Atkins’ Armies on Parade

Alongside all of the professionally painted miniatures and dioramas in the Warhammer World Exhibition, we also showcase amazing personal projects in Guest Displays. Chris Atkins is the latest hobbyist to loan us his Armies on Parade display for you to see.

Chris’s creative process for this board started with an unfortunate event. After painting the pieces from the Promethium Refinery kit Chris had a few different sketches for the board, and had even made a rock face with a blast door. “I ended up scrapping that idea when my vacuum cleaner packed in on me one day, so I decided to strip it for parts for the board. Lots of vigorous cleaning sessions later and that’s where the big ribbed pipes came from. I glued one end of the large pipe to a part of the Prometheum Refinery kit, luckily it was a perfect fit, and the other end was attached to another piece of the hoover casing and mounted to the board in the middle.”

Partially inspired by the Thorn Moons Crusade terrain created by hobby group Iron Sleet, Chris give his board the look of an abandoned industrial area, where nature had started to claim the machinery. The tree roots he sourced from the garden, and washed off all the dirt before washing them in bleach. After they dried Chris primed them up and painted them.

“It was a really fun project overall. I’ll be expanding the army over time and eventually using them on the tabletop. I can’t wait for the next Armies on Parade event! I’m planning and sketching already, that started on the way home from the event!”

Come and see Chris’ display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, before it leaves on January 5th. Of course, you also get to see all of the other Guest Displays, thousands of our professionally painted miniatures, and around 26 specially built dioramas!

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