Guest Display: Chris Bilewicz’s Grots Armies on Parade

Alongside all of the professionally painted miniatures and dioramas in the Warhammer World Exhibition, we also showcase amazing personal projects in Guest Displays. Chris Bilewicz is the latest hobbyist to loan us his Armies on Parade display for you to see.

“The inspiration for the board came from the Warhammer PC game that was released a while ago called ‘Dark Omen’. There was one mission where your army was surrounded by Greenskins, they came from caves and the forest and you only saw them at the last second. It was a calamity, fast paced and fun to play through.”

Chris decided to do a two tier board to show the green tide appearing from the depths in all of its terrifying glory, swamping the board with colourfully painted miniatures. From deep caves, over buildings and through trees, with miniatures edge to edge over the board, there’s a real feeling of it being part of a much bigger force.

It took Chris around six months to create, working on and off. “My favourite part is the spider climbing over the building. It has very specific anchor points, so it can be taken off, but securely popped back on, with each leg sitting in a small dip.”

Come and see Chris’ display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, before it leaves on September 3rd. Of course, you also get to see all of the other Guest Displays, thousands of our professionally painted miniatures, and around 26 specially built dioramas!

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