Guest Display: Lee Bates’ Aeldari and Wraithguard

As well as professionally painted miniatures and dioramas, the Warhammer World Exhibition has regularly changing Guest Displays. These showcase amazing personal projects kindly loaned by fans of the hobby, and Lee Bates? Aeldari and Wraithguard is the latest Guest Display for you to see.

“It’s taken me three years and I would guess 500 hours to paint. I’ve won Best Painted Army at six events now, so I’m pretty happy with the effort I’ve put into the painting, because I’m in no danger of winning anything with my gaming skills!”

Lee’s original inspiration was a Corsairs theme, hence choosing star patterns to represent a space faring pirate fleet. Lee then jumped ship to Craftworlds and built his army from there. “I called my Craftworld Eridanus,  after a constellation of stars, so I thought that was quite appropriate.”

“I wanted some conversions to individualise my army, but Aeldari are so sleek that’s pretty tough.” Lee came up with the idea that the positions of authority on Eridanus (the Exarchs, Farseers, Warlocks etc) would be filled by women, which with some head swaps with Witch Aelves and a bit of Green Stuff, made them stand out.

There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of stars and gems across the army and Lee has a simple trick to staying patient in order to keep them consistent. “I paint one thing at a time. It takes longer than batch painting but helps maintain the quality and my own interest.” That patience,  plus a steady hand with an airbrush, masking, and not being afraid to splash some colour about, has certainly created a beautiful and memorable collection.

Come and see Lee’s miniatures for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, before they leave in September/October (end date TBC). Of course, you also get to see all of the other Guest Displays, thousands of our professionally painted miniatures, and around 26 specially built dioramas!

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