Guest Display: Luke Blick’s The Prophets of Ynnead

Luke Blick’s Ynnari warhost, The Prophets of Ynnead, is the latest Guest Display for you to see in the Warhammer World Exhibition. As well as the professionally painted miniatures and dioramas, the Exhibition has regularly changing Guest Displays, showcasing amazing personal projects created by fans of the hobby.

Luke’s Armies on Parade display comes from his long love of all things Aeldari, and seeing the Triumvirate of the Ynnead, he found the perfect excuse to return to them and work on miniatures he was yet to collect.

Luke had 13 weeks to complete the project, and started with a careful plan, but ended by working right up to 2.00am on deadline day! Even then, he didn’t quite fit in every detail he wanted, and a couple of banners were finished afterwards.

The red on most of the models started with a purple basecoat. Luke explains “I used an airbrush to build up the red layers, starting with the darker reds and ending with Evil Sunz Scarlet, then shaded it with Druchii Violet, before highlighting it back up to that bright red.”

Having never made a board before, Luke drew a huge amount of inspiration from the old Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume 1. It’s a Realm of Battle tile, then built up with foam, and custom built aeldari ruins. Luke used Citadel Texture paint on some of his bases, then received a top tip for texturing the board, using a mix of sand and plaster, sprayed with watered down PVA glue to set it.

Come and see this great display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, before it leaves in June/July (end date TBC). Of course, you also get to see the other Guest Displays, thousands of our professionally painted miniatures, and around 25 specially built dioramas!

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