Guest Displays: Black Templars and Space Wolves

Warhammer World has regularly changing Guest Displays, showcasing the amazing personal projects created by fans of the hobby. Among the displays currently on show, we now have Maxime Corbeil?s Black Templars, and Dave Gent’s Space Wolves, both created for Armies on Parade.

Maxime and Dave both use a Forge World Realm of Battle Imperial Strongpoint tile as the board to display their collections, with different finishes and touches to make them their own.

Maxime’s whole display was inspired by John Blanche’s Black Templar artwork, with a high contrast between the black and white figures and the sandy ruined scenery and landscape.

Dave has added stacks of supply barrels and boxes, smoke from small fires (there are flickering battery powered candles inside the cotton wool, but they are turned off as they don’t show up under the cabinet lighting!) and tied his miniatures in by embedding broken doors and floor tiles in both the display tile and the miniatures’ bases.

Being a collection mainly of Dreadnoughts, Dave went to great lengths to add a lot of variety and individuality to his models. With conversions adding movement (and plenty of suffering Thousand Sons) and freehand painted details, Dave has breathed the personality of the Space Wolves into his collection.

Maxime’s Black Templar collection is also his current gaming collection, and combines a variety of miniatures under a beautiful clean and crisp painting style. There are fantastic small details to spot, from the freehand writing on The Emperor’s Champion’s sword, to the very fine red and white checker pattern on some of the kneepads.

Come and see these great displays for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, along with the thousands of other miniatures, other guest displays, and over 20 specially built dioramas.

Maxime and Dave’s collections will be with us until late March (dates to be confirmed) so you have time to plan your visit and see them in full detail.

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