How to deal with Super Heavies

So Super Heavy Vehicles are a common sight on the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Hard to kill and destructive to boot, they can be a terrifying foe. But they are not invincible, and I’m here to discuss how to take ‘em down. 

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em – Join ‘Em



Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight

The first option is to get one of your own. Not every race has something that big in their Codex, but with the Unbound method, or a simple Allied detachment every army has access to some kind of «big guy» to duke it out with monsters their own size. 

The Right Tool for the Job

Many weapons in the game deal with Super Heavies very well. The rules you want to see on your weapons are: Melta, Lance, Armourbane, Destroyer and Haywire. If you see them on a weapon, they will have an easier time against those pesky mega tanks and robots.

Gargantuan Monsters are harder to kill, as most weapons will do only one Wound, or be unable to injure them at all. Grav weapons are extremely effective against these units, or tons of rending shots. If you have no other choice, swarming them with poison attacks is less effective, but hey, at least it works!

Pick Your Battles

Take the time to analyze your foe to find its weaknesses. A good example is the mighty Imperial Knight. It has an amazing gun(s), an Invulnerable save against shooting, hefty close combat weapon and loads of hull points. Invincible right? Well let’s see.

1: It only has six hull points. That’s the same as two normal tanks.

2: It has Armour Value 13. Plenty of weapons can deal with that.

3: It’s Invulnerable save doesn’t work in assault, so close combat is clearly the choice for dealing with this thing. 

4: It doesn’t have that many attacks. Also, it still has to roll the dice to hit. That means a large enough unit could absorb the worst of the damage.

5: It can stomp, so big units are vulnerable. 

Contemptor Dreadnought squad

Contemptor Dreadnought squad

Centurion Assault Squad

Centurion Assault Squad

The three best units I can think of to get the job done in combat are Wulfen, Contemptor Dreadnought Squads and Assault Centurions. Also, Imperial Knights struggle with Flyers, so Stormravens with Multi-Meltas are a great option too. 

Finally there is the last option:

Ignore it

Yes. Completely and utterly ignore it. It can only do so much damage after all, so run away, teleport, do everything EXCEPT fight it. It?s a big chunk of your opponent’s army so sometimes letting it kill a few squads while you concentrate on killing the rest of the enemy is a very valid tactic.

Also, the bigger they are the bigger the explosion. Killing one from range is much safer, but if you have to take it out in close combat, then be prepared to take casualties.

Good luck on the battlefields, warrior ? you will probably need it!

Author: John

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