Iron Within, Iron Without – Painting the Iron Circle

With inhuman, calculated precision, Ian has taken control of today?s bulletin to give you his advice on painting the Iron Circle Domitar-Ferrum Class Battle-automata…

I suspect I?m not alone, especially among fellow old hands, in thinking us hobbyists have never had it so good. The quality of each month?s miniature releases just keeps getting more jaw gapingly astounding, more than complemented by a quality of games and hobby products that were a mere dream just twenty years ago.

Which brings me to the subject of today?s blog – the awesome Iron Circle Domitar, a true wallet emptier if ever there was one. Giant killer robots – who doesn?t love them? Getting to build and paint your very own miniature versions of the denizens of the Warhammer mythos is what drew me into the hobby like a dark lord?s tractor beam all those years ago, and a happy perk of being a web team adept is the chance to paint up any luvverly new stuff that takes your fancy. And the Iron Circle Domitar is lovely, although being a fan of the Heresy era sons of Perturabo I would say that. Indeed, such is my love of the cold hearted traitors that you?ll have to forgive my occasional lapses into hyperbole.

When it came to putting the big fella together, I test fitted all the pieces first in order to decide on the pose, then glued all the parts together bar the shoulder mounted heavy bolter and its attendant ammo feeds. Because the feeds are supplied straight, they will need to be heated up and curved round to meet the inlet of the Domitar?s main body. I glued the straight fees on to the heavy bolter, and once the this was dry I heated them up in order to make them them bendy. A hair drier or heat gun is ideal for this, although you can dip it in a mug of boiling water using tweezers as an alternative. Once you are happy with the position, the heavy bolter and feeds can be glued to the main body.

As a painter, the thing I like most about the Iron Warriors is their utilitarian brutalist aesthetic. Not for them the pompous preening martial decor of lackeys of the false emperors like the Imperial Fists. With this in mind, I tend to employ lots of washes and a sponging technique to get a worn and weathered metal effect. The whole model was given a basecoat of Leadbelcher spray and once dry an all over wash of 50:50 Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil. Over this I sponged successive layers of Leadbelcher, Ironbreaker and Stormhost Silver over the metallic areas of the model. The pieces of grey sponge found in Games Workshop clam packs are ideal for this technique. As with all weathering, remember when applying this sponging, less is more!

The Domitar wouldn?t be part of Perturabo?s legion if it didn?t feature the distinctive yellow and black banding of the Iron Warriors. I used a basecoat of Averland Sunset, washed with Casandora Yellow and subtly highlighted with Yriel Yellow. The black banding was Abaddon Black applied with a small detail brush. Steady hand!

The brass plating was given a base coat of Warplock Bronze with a subtle drybrushing of Brass Scorpion. Next, several transfers were applied using the Forge World Iron Warriors transfer sheet. It?s a good tip to first apply gloss varnish over the areas where the transfer will sit, as this will help to hide the edges of the transfer film when dry, Once the transfers are dry apply a thin coat of Lahmian Medium over the area to take away the gloss shine.

Finally I applied small amounts of Typhus Corrosion Ryza Rust on areas of the model where such damage would occur like recesses and edges of armour. Nihilakh Oxide was applied sparingly in the recesses of the brass plating.

The base was made using torn up cork board sprayed black and base coated with Rhinox Hide and with patched of Stirland Mud applied in patches. Once dry this was then dry brushed with Tallarn Sand and Terminatus Sand, with clumps of Mordheim Turf glued on.

I hope this little guide is helpful to all you Iron Warriors aficionados out there. Hopefully I?ll be back on these pages soon with more recruits to the IV Legion. Sayonara!

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