Issue #7 is Out: The Golden d6

Issue #7 is Out: The Golden d6

Issue #7 is out now for the Golden d6, and I just got my own, as there are a couple articles I am specifically looking forward to; LOS Blocking Terrain and part 2 of enhanced miniature photography from the KrautScientist. Good stuff, and worth checking out.

Again, if you don’t know the Golden d6, its a fantastic hobby magazine, the way a hobby magazine should be. Not dedicated to selling product, but helpful articles with hints and great ideas for just about everyone.

Issue Seven contains:

  • LOS Block terrain for Sci-fi wargames like Warhammer 40000 and Infinity
  • Tales from Westruna from Rex Foote
    Rex is also in the process of getting his first book published. It’s called Tales from Westruna and should be well worth the read if you’re a fan of his awesome narrative battle reports.
  • Dorkside Cookies introduce us to Blast Pistol from Nordic Weasel Games
  • Jolt Games awesome Batman Miniatures Game battle report
  • Karl Turner-Howe’s cool Beyond the Gates of Antares painting guide for Ghar Assault Suits
  • Pawel at Path of an Outcast brings us this amazingly detailed Kings of War Battle Report
  • KrautScientist brings us the second part to “Grimdark Glamour” or Enhanced Miniature Photography.
  • The Lost and the Very Damned go screaming down the dusty highway in the last of the V8s!
  • Terrain by Stefan. ‘Nuff said!
  • Tom Damin’s X-wing hobby guide.


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