John’s Ursarax Cohort

Today we hand the reins of the Bulletin over to John who?s been working on some of the latest and deadliest units in the Mechanicum army list ? the lethal Ursarax!

Hello, I’m one of the resident code scribes who help keep the mighty fusion reactors of the Forge World webstore running. I usually collect Orks, but I’ll often pick out models from across the range that really grab my attention just to build and paint them. Here are some I finished recently. 

I first saw these models showcased at Warhammer Fest and immediately loved the idea of them. The Mechanicum Ursarax are heavily armoured, jet-propelled slaying machines. Despite their bulky armour, these beasts look like they?re barely touching the ground, I can see these bear-like horrors battering across the battlefield tearing to bits anything in their way.


I?m went for an arctic theme with these models doing the armour in light blue-grey to give a sense of icy coldness. I gave the models a light coat of Chaos Black primer, then started to build up thin layers of grey from the Citadel Air range. Using my airbrush, I applied light coats of Mechanicus Standard Grey, Dawnstone and Administratum Grey from an increasingly steep angle, catching the upward-facing surfaces to simulate light hitting the armour from above. The lightest colour, Ulthuan Grey, was aimed at the very top of the model.

To help add some colour and contrast to the grey armour, I sprayed some Calth Blue and Deathshroud thinned with Clear Medium from below, then applied thinned Drakenhof Nightshade and Nuln Oil to the armour details and recesses. On curving panels, like on the shoulders and jet-packs, I blended out the wet shade with Clear Medium to make a nice smooth gradient. I then added some highlights of Ulthuan Grey and White Scar with a brush.


To clean up the rest of the model, I went back in with a thin coat of Abbaddon Black, then carefully drybrushed with Leadbelcher and Runefang Steel, then Nuln Oil shade and Stormhost Silver to create bright highlights. To give the helmet visors a bright reflective look I applied glazes of Forge World Airbrush Clear paints over a base of Stormhost Silver. I’m quite happy with how the orange contrasts with the blue tones on the armour.

I used weathering power around the feet and legs to blend them into the black shale and sand on the base, making them look like they?ve been charging through a blasted arctic landscape.

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