Kill Team Activities in September at Warhammer World!

On the 22nd & 23rd of September Warhammer World will be hosting an Amazing Weekend of Kill Team Hobby events!

Kill Team Revealed – Open Day 22/9/18

Discover the secrets behind the new Warhammer 40,000 skirmish game with a day of building, painting and gaming ? a true celebration of skirmish warfare held at Warhammer World, the home of the hobby, on Saturday 22nd  September.

Build: Check out the new Sector Imperialis terrain, see how to combine it with the Sector Mechanicus, and find out how to customise your Kill Team environments for exciting gaming. And learn how to personalise your Kill Teams with Warhammer TV?s Peachy & Duncan.

Paint: Learn how to quickly and easily paint the new scenery ? and enter the first-ever Kill Team Painting Competition: judged by Peachy & Duncan, who will also be on hand to give you tips on how to easily and effectively paint your own kill teams.

Play: Get involved in demo games, try different kill teams ? and even play on a brand new environment for the first time ever! If you want a fun narrative experience, join in a one-day campaign written by the Games Workshop Design Studio that ties into the background of Kill Team.

Meet: Talk to some of the Studio writers, artists and painters behind Kill Team, along with Black Library author Gav Thorpe, author of the Last Chancers novels.

You?ll also be able to pick up exclusive Kill Team-themed items ? including classic miniatures of two of the Imperium?s greatest kill teams ? Schaeffer?s Last Chancers and the infamous Gaunt?s Ghosts! Gav Thorpe?s trio of Last Chancers novels ? 13th Legion, Kill Team and Annihilation Squad ? will also be available.

Some pictures from previous open days held at Warhammer World

Kill Team – Annihilation 23/9/18

Gather your forces, arm your weapons and prepare to challenge your strategic skills to their limit as you enter the fray in a one-day Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team matched play event.

On Sunday 23rd September, Warhammer World will be playing host to a Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team tournament ? a tense and exciting competitive event where rival kill teams will clash across beautifully modelled environments? and to the victor will go the spoils.

You?ll need a 100 point kill team from any of the factions in the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Core Manual ? and all the tactical nous you can muster, as your enemies will show you no mercy when the fighting gets fierce. Let battle commence?

Kill Team – Weekender 22/9/18 & 23/9/18

If you like the look of both events over the weekend why not grab yourself a combined ticket for the weekend with our Kill Team Weekend Pass!

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