Lots new to see in the Warhammer World Exhibition!

We have lots of great new things for you to see in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar room at the Warhammer World Exhibition, including the latest diorama from the Warhammer World Studio Team.

After travelling to Warhammer Fest, it’s finally time for the Idoneth Deepkin and the ill-fated Mawrack Peninsula to go on show in the Warhammer World Exhibition!

Full of small details and dramatic events within the battle, from hidden treasure chests to soaring Akhelian Leviadons, it’s possibly the diorama the Warhammer World Studio Team are now proudest of creating.

Along with this new diorama, we’ve moved and twitched the layout of the room to fit five more display cabinets in, so you can see even more miniatures, and 11 excellent new Vignette dioramas.

These detailed-packed Warhammer Age of Sigmar dioramas have been created by staff from across Games Workshop, and they focus in closely on single moments, rather than showing a broader event like our larger dioramas.

If all of this isn’t enough, over the past few weeks we’ve had three new Guest Displays loaned to us. This is amazing personal hobby created for the love of it, with a long term collection, Armies on Parade display, and some of the miniatures from White Dwarf’s Golden Demon Winner’s Challenge. They’re a feast of personal painting projects alongside the professionally created displays and dioramas.

Natalie Slinn?s Sylvaneth

Dom Murray?s Warriors of the Northern Tundra

Golden Demon Winner?s Challenge

With all of these new displays and changes, it’s a great time to revisit the Exhibition, or make your first foray into the thousands of miniatures!

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