Magmadroths- Origins Story

Magmadroths- Origins Story

The Magmadroths might be cool models, but where are they from and how did they become part of the Fyreslayer army. The Fyreslayer Battletome is available this weekend for pre-orders

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The origins of the Fyreslayer and Magmadroths are inextricably linked. Long ago, in the Age of Myth, the duardin battle-god known as Grimnir was a legendary slayer, worshipped by the early forebears of the Fyreslayers. Grimnir sought to repay a debt he owed to Sigmar – who had freed the shackled duardin gods from their imprisonment within the Iron Mountains of Chamon – by slaying a mighty foe. The God-King chose Vulcatrix – the fiery Godbeast known as the Mother of Salamanders – as Grimnir’s quarry.

Their epic duel would see both Grimnir and Vulcatrix shattered, their spirits mixing and coalescing to form of ur-gold – the mystical metal from which the Fyreslayers gain their strength. This cataclysmic battle also saw the formation of the first Magmadroth eggs – black orbs that would eventually spawn the first of these deadly creatures.

The Taming of Magmadroths

Magmadroth eggs were first discovered by the Zharrgrim priests, a mystical brotherhood within the Fyreslayers that includes the likes of Runesmiters and Runemasters. Using their innate, elemental connection with fire, and an ancestral bond with Vulcatrix, the Runesmiters and Runemasters were able to hatch the eggs and negotiate an alliance with the Magmadroths.

Magmadroth are not domesticated – they are more akin to allies of the duardin than mere beasts of burden. Only strong-willed Fyreslayers of noble blood can persuade these creatures to bear them into battle, and conflict between the Fyreslayers and Magmadroths is not uncommon – both, after all, seek to claim the smouldering caverns and tunnels beneath the realms as their own.

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