New Diorama: The Gates Of Sharrowmourne

In the wake of the Shyish Necroquake the ghostly processions of Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief, laid siege to great swathes of the Mortal Realms. Yet beleaguered as the armies of the God-King were, they did not weather this onslaught without answer. At the mausoleum-fortress of Sharrowmourne, in the heart of Lady Olynder?s domain, Lord-Arcanum Aventis Firestrike led a daring assault alongside the elite warriors of his Sacrosanct Chamber. 

After months of work behind the scenes, conceiving, building and painting, the latest stunning diorama from the Warhammer World Studio is now on display in the Exhibition centre.

The Gates Of Sharrowmourne is based around the Soul Wars background, with the brand new Sacrosant Chamber taking centre stage, against a large host of Nighthaunt, led by none other than the Mortarch of Grief.

Inspired by artwork in the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and the Nighthaunt battletome, as well as details on the new miniatures, the Warhammer World Studio team really wanted to show the Realm of Death in full funereal glory.

If you’re interested in how the board was created, there are some work in progress photos, here and here, and you can see the full finished diorama for yourself, here at Warhammer World.

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