New to explore in the Warhammer World Exhibition

We’re starting 2019 off in the Warhammer World Exhibition with plenty of new miniatures and displays for you to explore! Vignette dioramas, Guest Displays and some new old miniatures (read on, that will make sense) Plus, we added so much over 2018, that you might want to catch up before we add even more.

Have a look into some of what’s been added recently, and start planning your visit to be inspired in the Exhibition.

Vignette Dioramas

Smaller dioramas really focus in on a tight narrative, and the staff who create them relish the challenge of conceiving and building a piece where every little choice matters. We have three new vignettes on display, showing Kill Teams and Necromunda gangs in the middle of some pretty sticky situations.

Guest Displays

Kindly loaned by their creators, our current Guest Displays show a true range of hobby skills and passions. If you like to go to town converting your miniatures, you’ll be fascinated by the visions of Mark Kilburn, James Stone and Max Hazzledine.

Meanwhile Ben Johnson and Luke Blick have impressive collections, and Luke’s comes with an Armies on Parade board worthy of a whole display case to itself!


Origins Displays

Games Workshop has a long history, which we acknowledge in the Exhibition with displays of classic miniatures and products, showing the origins of the games and miniatures you enjoy today. From the archives we’ve dug out Lizardmen, Wood Elves and Chaos Dwarves, Tyranids, Dark Eldar and Night Lords. Andy Hoare from the Specialist Games Studio has also loaned us some of his extensive collection, including rarely seen Space Slann and Squats.

Did you miss?…

In 2018 we added to the Exhibition four new dioramas, 11 new vignette dioramas, five more display cases full of miniatures, and another diorama to Warhammer World’s main entrance.

The Warhammer World Studio team are already midway through a new diorama for February, so if you missed these new dioramas in 2018, now is a good time to visit and take in all of the details – 2019 will see more changes!

Find out more about the Exhibition, including our new service of Exhibition tickets available in advance, and get ready for an inspiring time surrounded by amazing miniatures.

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