Open Days Galore!

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day hosted a Golden Demon painting competition and some of the entries were just fantastic.


My favourite was this unit by Stefan Johnsson, created using the Ironsides Handgunner conversion set. Stefan took home a Silver Demon for his excellent work.

There are plenty more fantastic winners to see over at the Golden Demon site. If you want to enter yourself, you best come to our next Open Day ? The Warhammer European Open Day in Amsterdam!

Taking place over two floors, it?ll be an event not to miss! You?ll be meeting some of the creative minds from all across Games Workshop, including the Forge World Design Studio, Army Painters and Citadel Design Studios. Make the most of your chance to talk to these wonderfully talented people about what they?ve created, and what they?re working on now, as well as picking their brains for tips on all your latest hobby projects. You can also see the fantastic work of our designers and painters on display, rather than on the printed page.

We?ll have the latest Forge World models, including first access to new products, and event exclusive products, art and merchandise. The event will also feature the first Golden Demon run outside the UK in many years, so here is your chance to win a Golden Demon or even the coveted Slayer Sword, or just see for yourself the amazing quality of painting on show.


Order your tickets now!


That?s all from me for now. Make sure you check back soon for more from the Forge World Studio.


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